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Sky Guide (map screenshot)Constellation Scorpius (detail)Sky map (fixed stars chart settings)Setting the observational timeEvent calculatorSky Guide (map screenshot)Sky Guide (map screenshot, night mode)Mars' path during it's opposition in 2016Solar Eclipse 2015-03-20Lunar eclipse 2019-01-21Lunar projectionLunar projectionOrbit diagramDiagram showing the visibility of the planets, the sun and the moonPositions of the Saturnian satellites Object information (part 1)Object information (part 2)Tabular data: rising, culmination, settingGeocentric ephemerisList of astronomical eventsEquinoxes and solsticesTabular data: planetary phenomenaTabular data: lunar phenomenaSatellites of Jupiter - eventsTabular data: local circumstances of solar and lunar eclipsesConstellation Leo, constellation boundaries

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